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Bovine Prothrombin IV. Human Prothrombin V. Prothrombin of Other Species VI. Bovine Thrombin VII. Bovine Autoprothrombin C IX.

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Bovine Prethrombin X. Fibrinogen XIV. Fibrin Stabilizing Factor XV. Hageman Factor XVI. Antithrombins XX. Tissue Procoagulants XXV. Function of Ac-Globulin and Lipids X. Prothrombin in Plasma XI.

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Platelet Factor 3 VI. Contact III. The Evolution of Contact Factor V. Historical Background II.

Cellular Response

Methods of Measurement III. Preparation of Antithrombin Fractions IV. Action of Antithrombin V. Natural Anticoagulants III. Artificial Anticoagulants IV.

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Platelet Functions IV. Metabolism of Platelets V.

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Bleeding and blood clotting

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Basic Enzymology of Blood Coagulation*

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Haemostasis 2 - Coagulation Cascade

Miller, K. Abstract The rate of conversion of fibrinogen Fg to the insoluble product fibrin Fn is a key factor in hemostasis. View this article with LENS. Prev Next Table of Contents. This Article doi: Services Email this article to a friend Alert me when this article is cited Alert me if a correction is posted Alert me when eletters are published Similar articles in this journal Similar articles in Web of Science Similar articles in PubMed Download to citation manager Request Permissions.

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