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Count von Zeppelin, a retired German army officer, flew his first airship in These documents refer to a Zeppelin raid on Hull in June large numbers of aeroplanes, not just for reconnaissance, but as fighter air support and as bombers. After the war both Britain and Germany continued to develop airships for.

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Consider the idea of encouraging, employees, clients and vendors to participate by making contributions to leverage your giving. If you already have a corporate assistance program but need assistance with handling the distributions, managing gifts, receipting and financial reporting Helping Hands Ministries may be your solution. Please gives us a call to learn more. Helping Hands Ministries is a qualified c3 so we can issue tax deductible receipts, distributions to other charities and most importantly to individuals in need. Corporate Donors. Individual Donors.

Book Review: Helping – How to Offer, Give, and Receive Help

CFO Susie feels so blessed to be able to work in an atmosphere where not only is the name of God accepted but expressed to all who come in contact with the ministry. Bryan T. Stephen W. Susie Tietz. Assistant to the CFO Kimberly is a young mother who dedicates her work time to the ministry and assists our comptroller with financial distributions. Project Coordinator Michelle lives a Christ-centered life and enjoys her ability to be in service to others in time of need,.

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Project Coordinator Melissa loves the ministry and the opportunityto be in service to others in time of need. Kimberly Stewart. Michelle York. Melissa Allen. Project Coordinator Missy is the wife of a pastor and both dedicate themselves to the Lord and helping others. Project Coordinator Summer enjoyed a prestegious career in banking before coming to the Ministry. Learn More. Missy Kennedy. Wendy Long.

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Summer Fox. Who We Are. Flexible Giving Options. Bryan Green - CEO. Approved Projects Process and Projects. The What. The Process. The Projects. Project Areas Include:.

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Ministries events raise money for charity organizations 3. Educational assistance 4. Employee assistance benevolent fund 6. Financial assistance 7. Medical needs 8. Memorial funds 9. We need to try to put ourselves in the shoes of the recipient, consider the broader context, and be mindful of the implications of our help. We can often give things we under-value, such as our time, our local knowledge or our language skills. The induction session made us consider carefully our own motivations for volunteering and how we could maximise the potential success for both parties of what might seem an artificially-created relationship, but which can blossom into a genuine friendship.

Some uncomfortable or puzzling issues were raised and clear channels were established for the resolution of any difficulties.

follow url This caused me to reflect upon volunteering more generally and also specifically in the Moroccan context. The first question I ask diplomatically is how exactly they think they can help. Volunteers can often become more of a burden than a source of help. These people had spent time acquiring skills and formal qualifications to enable them to help helpfully, but they were sadly in the minority.

Organisations such as the Collectif Marocain du Volontariat are working and lobbying to ensure voluntary activities are properly recognised and supported to ensure that all parties benefit from them.

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This is certainly not always the case. I am by no means suggesting that all voluntourism is poorly managed. However, there are two potential pitfalls which are also relevant to our planned volunteering as befrienders. These relate to beneficiary skills development and knowledge imbalances. In Morocco, youth unemployment is rife. There are many challenges which result in young people not completing their school studies, let alone further or higher education.

Even then, graduates form proportionately the highest unemployed group in Morocco.

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But the last time we presented a talk together and rehearsed, it finally occurred to me. The issue is us — a we thing. Patrick was asking for help — help getting the rhythm down, managing the pacing, feeling comfortable with the material before getting up and doing a presentation. I might not have any need to do this, but my responsibility as a team member not to mention friend and colleague was to provide the help — not grudgingly — but willingly. This was not all about him.

It was all about us.

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We are a team. We present together. But all that is totally irrelevant. Obviously there are limits to this. If a teammate wants to go over things for hours and hours.

How We Can Best Help Others

If there is a crisis and you have to act. This means that people on the team are different, not the same, which is why you have the team in the first place. Yet, in our haste or self-centeredness, or for whatever other reason we are constantly at risk of forgetting that the whole point of a team is that people have different abilities and bring different skills, experiences, and expertise to the table. This is why no manager should ever berate an older, more experienced employee or team mate for not being as quick as younger team members, like on computers and with texting.

So what is the take home message here? Team intelligence means asking directly for help when you need it, and responding directly with help when someone requests it. At times, it may mean being able to decode a request for help that is delivered in a haze of fabrication or even irritation.