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Count von Zeppelin, a retired German army officer, flew his first airship in These documents refer to a Zeppelin raid on Hull in June large numbers of aeroplanes, not just for reconnaissance, but as fighter air support and as bombers. After the war both Britain and Germany continued to develop airships for.

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Fang-tastic Fiction: Eileen Wilks: WORLD OF THE LUPI SERIES

White Tiger. Jennifer Ashley. Small Magics. Roadside Magic. Lilith Saintcrow. Pranic, Pregnant, and Petrified. The Fertile Vampire. Cold Reign.

Book Review: Mind Magic by Eileen Wilks

Armageddon Special Edition. Devon Monk. One Fell Sweep. Haunted Blade. Burn Bright. Patricia Briggs. Something to Howl About. Christine Warren. Running Wilde. Jenn Stark. Griggs and William Rutherford visit Lily with all their arrogance. Eric Ellison is easily led or part of the conspiracy. Judge Bernhardt is a no-nonsense judge while Judge Carter despises incompetence. Clan Home is… …what the lupi call their home base. Lupi is plural for lupus , who is a wolf shifter. Nokolai Clan is… …in San Diego and has close ties to Sam. Wythe Clan… …is the lupi clan whose mantle fell to Ruben, making him their Rho.

Turns out Ruben had a tiny bit of lupus in his bloodline and that was enough for the Lady who turned him all the way Death Magic , 8. Very few know about Ruben OR the Wythe. Charles Dupree is an old lupus and an elder. Alan Jones. Leidolf Clan is… …a clan which used to be mortal enemies with the Nokolai. Alex is Lu Nuncio. Rob Burns is the clansman who meets the on-the-run Rule. Edward Smith who is the special assistant to the director of the NSA.

Annabelle Smith is his wife. Sharon also headed up research. She also has a passion for Rule… who can blame her … Margaret , her mother, was Mr. Zipper was the first betrayal. Samson and Murphy are both dogs Demi has befriended. Jake had been her boss at the warehouse in Cumberland. Jamie is a waitress there and friendly with Demi. Susie , another waitress, is still recovering.

Burgenstein is her boss at the gas station. Wilkins owns the hardware store. Old Mr. Hawthorne and Mr. Gwen Orlander and Ricky Savage are deputies. Sheriff Franklin Boone seems friendly. Captain A. Martin is in charge of the National Guard. Wheeler leads a band of homeless who camp in the wildlife area. Father Don Perkins has a relationship with them. Per the homeless, the murdered man is Larry Stockman? Bert is a mob guy who comes in handy. Angie Sommers is a newscaster in Charlottesville. Greg Price at Monticello reports what is the first of several fires.

The Dragon Accords are… …a treaty between humans and dragons. Mika is the red dragon who agreed to absorb magic for Washington D. And going insane. Secretary of State Amanda McCutcheon is trying to reassure people. Brownies are… …cute, adorable, and love to pick pockets, hitch rides, and people watch.

Harry is a brownie who liaises with the Shadow Unit. Horrific, catastrophic events begin to occur around the world, including the bombing of the FBI building in Washington, D.


Naturally, Lily and Rule and their friends ally with Sam their dragon friend to try to rescue the kidnap victims and take down the GB and her henchman, Tom Weng. In the final chapters, the story breaks into two story lines that eventually merge: Rule fights a series of exotic-looking demons above ground while Lily fights a series of exotic-looking demons in a twisty, rocky tunnel.

Wilks describes each type of demon in full detail for no apparent reason and describes each battle with the same amount of repetitious detail. The worse part of the book is the outrageous cliff-hanger ending, which chops off the action right in the middle of the big showdown battle, leaving the reader frantically turning the page in the hope that Wilks did not just do that! The only saving grace is that the paperback version contains the first few pages of the next novel, Dragon Blood , which provides a tiny bit of resolution for a few—but not all—of the characters.

I truly enjoyed the early books that dealt with Lily, Rule, and the Lupi. At this point, though, the addition of otherworldly elements have changed this series from urban fantasy into a murky hodge-podge of impenetrable fantasy. See my review of Unbinding for a deeper discussion of this unfortunate change in the mythology. For example, when Lily's team comes to a rock wall that supposedly has a secret door in it, Lily asks Cynna to use her Finding powers to locate the door. Immediately, Grandmother in tiger form walks to the wall, coughs once, and twitches her tail. Translation: Here's the door!

Then, the following interchange occurs between Cynna and Grandmother:. It may take a while, but—'. The tiger leaned forward and coughed on the wall. A portion of it vanished. I received no promotional or monetary rewards, and the opinions in this review are entirely my own. In this world, the supernaturals have come out to the human population, but many humans are quite distrustful and hostile towards them. The federal government was enthusiastically pursuing its more humane policy It also blocks moonsong, preventing the Change. Lupi go crazy if deprived of the Change for too long.

She and Rule get together—very unwillingly—in book 1, when their bond clicks in and they can't fight their destiny. As it turns out, Lily is the first Chosen i. Both humans and werewolves act out their vehement opposition to the wedding. The werewolf mythology is a huge part of the series. The Lupi all believe that they are ultimately ruled by the Lady, a mystical construct who directs their fates and to whom they owe their existence. When a lupus achieves the position of Rho in a clan, the Lady bestows an inner mantle of power on him that allows him to rule his clan without question.

Each clan has a Rhej, a magical healer to whom the Lady speaks directly. Another aspect of the mythology, is moonsong, which sweeps through the Lupi each month, but it's not the brutal shape-shifting force described in some werewolf series. Instead, it's a wild, beautiful, musical energy that empowers them. As Rule muses at one point, "Moonsong, mantles, and magic.