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Ships in days Local Version. Tashi is too cunning for the warlord and the wicked baron, and far too clever for the giant. He's craftier than the witch and quicker than the demon and much braver than the ghost.

Tashi and the Phoenix : The Tashi Series : Book 15

But, don't take his word for it! Read his amazing adventures for yourself and decide whether Tashi really is the Large print and black and white drawings make the books ideal for first readers and the themes of storytelling, friendship and adventure will inspire classroom discussion.

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Terms and Conditions: Writing and submitting a Review: Your review must be in your own words, and no more than 60 words - be concise! A first glance at this book alerts you to a wonderful story to come. Opening the cover to reveal the lusciously illustrated end-papers had this reader deliberating whether to further savour the richness of the pictures or whether to be getting on with reading the story.

Anna Fienberg

The title page too gives more hints of the village setting and so we turn the page to meet Tashi and his Grandmother pondering about the dragon who lived over the mountain and far away. The concept of drought needing rains to restore the landscape is one that most young readers would know from their own life experiences, and this point could be the basis of discussion even before introducing this wonderful Tashi story. The sheer pleasure of being engrossed in an imaginative and well-written story is enough reason for this book to be incorporated into an early child years classroom.

This special book lends itself to a number of concepts and language structures for further exploration by the developing reader. Drought, journeys, local landscape, stories that Tashi is familiar with, family; and then the language to convey past-tense, direct speech, adjectives, similes, - all of which contribute to the climax of the story, even after meeting the dragon who ate his own sister!

Publisher Description

Here is another Tashi adventure, written by the Fienbergs and beautifully illustrated by Kim Gamble. One day Tashi learns about how the dragons living on the mountain usually bring the rains. However, this year the rains have not come. The tiger takes Tashi up the mountain to meet the lonely young dragon. Tashi encourages the young dragon to sing a song which wakes the old dragon. The old dragon then shows her children how to use dragon words to make rain.

[MV] Tashi Delek by Phoenix Legend (band)

This is how Tashi is involved in breaking the drought and bringing rain to his home village. This would be a delightful story to read to Grade students as part of a unit on dragons, legends, weather or traditional Asian lifestyles. For example, the endpapers at the front of the book contain a wealth of detail about how the local people feed themselves, fishing or cultivating fields, using animals to plough the ground or to travel. Alternatively, you could create other legends to explain how thunder is made, or a rainbow.

Using the Australian context, students could may draw what a drought looks like and compare this with a picture of what it is like after the rains have come. As a fan of Tashi, I was looking forward to reading this book.

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The first thing to grab your attention is the illustrations: an inviting point for young readers of picture books. This story sees Tashi off on an adventure to meet a fierce dragon to enable the rains to fall again. The crops are dying and the animals are thirsty.

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While helping a thirsty tiger, Tashi finds out that the old dragon is not the problem it is a young dragon. Tashi sets out to see if he can convince the dragon to send rain. He finds a young dragon that is very sad.

https://europeschool.com.ua/profiles/xocadah/zez-hombres-solteros-en.php I have used this book as an example for my year six class when writing picture books for younger readers. It has a good story line, is descriptive in language that it uses and has beautiful illustrations.

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Recommend for lower primary as a read out loud and middle primary could read themselves. As I have, you can use for upper school as well. An enjoyable book.

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Tashi is back, but this time he stars in a picture book. Tashi had never seen the dragon but his Grandmother had told him many stories of the dragon that lived over the mountains and was responsible for the annual rainfall. The creeks dried up, the rice crop failed and the earth turned to dust. A solution had to be found, or the village would face starvation.

Tashi displayed bravery and creative thinking and soon the rains fell again. This story is about overcoming challenges and suitable for aged five to nine children. Claire Cheeseman, Laingholm Primary. What fun to have another full-colour picture book about quick-witted little Tashi!

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Tashi is an excellent example of using brains rather than brawn to solve problems and he bounces back resiliently when faced with setbacks. It was with great delight, but not surprise, that when I returned to working in a primary school library after a protracted absence I discovered that the favourite series amongst the students in Year 2 — the ones who are just starting their independent reading journey — was Tashi.

Every day they asked for new stories or put existing ones on reserve. So they are going to be very excited to know that there is not one, not two, but five new additions to the adventures of this delightful little character who is so clever, resourceful and brave as he confronts fearsome opponents set on destroying his village and his peace.

Once Tashi Met a Dragon is a picture book beautifully illustrated in colour by Kim Gamble that is just delightful. In it, Tashi finally meets the dragon that he has heard stories about forever. Usually it lives on the mountain in a palace of gold and each year it sends the rains so that the villagers can thrive.