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Count von Zeppelin, a retired German army officer, flew his first airship in These documents refer to a Zeppelin raid on Hull in June large numbers of aeroplanes, not just for reconnaissance, but as fighter air support and as bombers. After the war both Britain and Germany continued to develop airships for.

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The result was an eerie and unusual collection of works, from T. Booth and Michelle released their followup this year, carving the same dark paths through a different communication medium: movies. The Hunger , by Alma Katsu Bringing together historical fact and horror fiction in a story every bit as eerie and twisted as Cormac McCarthy, Katsu outlines the story of the Donner Party, a caravan hoping to make it from Missouri to California in the midth century. Now, years later, strange events force former lead guitarist Kris Pulaski now the night manager of a Best Western, where a pillowcase-headed man harasses her nightly to travel through America and get the band back together in the hopes of figuring out what happened.

As newly-minted Gloamings start to gain power and visibility—and healthy people follow their desires to join the ranks—a series of mysterious terror attacks target bloodsucker settlements and a political campaign from a Gloaming candidate threatens to throw the nation into disarray. Villareal has a good sense of modern medicine and politics, and his skill at blending genres from Crichton-style scientific thriller, to horror, to political satire with a strong sense of distinct character voices makes this a biting pun definitely intended takedown of the modern world.


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Robert Cargill C. Robert Cargill is a force to be reckoned with, an author and screenwriter whose dark fantasy and science fiction push the envelope of their respective genres and create heartfelt and imaginative if sometimes downright scary worlds. And all of it is very distinctly Cargill. While fans of the critically acclaimed audio drama will note many similarities with the text the unusual atmosphere and worldbuilding—ominous billboards, hooded strangers, and utterly hypnotic and eerie roadways—make the transition from audio to prose completely intact , the novel hones in on the central thread of Alice, Keisha, and the unusual war they find themselves wrapped up in, creating a much more personal story of loss and the endless journeys we all undertake to understand the people we love.

Each branch of the narrative is told in a distinct voice, and Hanna sounds plausibly childlike, a difficult thing for adult writers to pull off. The synthesis is impressive: King builds dread as the investigation of beloved little league coach Terry Maitland and the possible atrocities he commits continues to mount evidence and reveal new facets of the sordid life teeming underneath the friendly surface of small-town Flint City.

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Sort order. Karl Edward Wagner at first pursued a career in psychiatry, then left it to write fantasy and horror fiction. He also was the editor of this annual series of horror fiction. This book has different kinds of horror fiction; some are naturalistic, some supernatural. The Stephen King story is about a toy monkey, which, when it clangs its cymbals, heralds the death of somebody nearby, say from an accident. The story has its moments, but I found it a bit too long, and I also wondered while reading it, "Why don't they just destroy the toy monkey?

Kline works on various levels. The story is about a weird fish-like being who means the doom of anyone who encounters it. A Lovecraftian pastiche which also is a kind of reflection on Cthulu Mythos fiction. By the way, I suggest anyone interested in weird fiction to read T. Kline "The Events at Poroth Farm. I'm not going to review every story here, so I'll just mentioned a few that made an impression. As I was reading this story late at night, I became more attuned to the sounds around me, that's how effective the story was for me.

In this story, a tour group has to take a pause, so one of the members of the tour group goes into an abandoned church. This church is creepy, it is dark, there are sounds, perhaps laughter, the paintings on the church walls are blasphemous, and there are dead bodies which apparently are moving toward this tourist. The story is about a she-werewolf which goes after men, and has an unexpected ending.

The conflict in the story is between an attractive middle aged woman, and the new housekeeper she hired, an attractive young woman. The housekeeper misinterprets the words and actions of her employer, causing an horrible end. A great collection, as always. I think my favorite part of reading these is seeing all the writers who I've never heard of, taken from obscure publications.

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I have this obviously romantic image of Karl Edward Wagner surrounded by stacks of collections, magazines, chapbooks, pamphlets, endlessly searching Shelves: horror , anthology , long-term-reading. Anthologies like this will be "currently-reading" for quite a while because I read a story here, a story there--and "oops, a year gone already??? That's the nice thing about short story collections, IMO. Klein's "Black Man With a Horn" : I didn't purchase this book because I wanted to read Lovecraftian inspired stuff--in fact, it was more so I could get a wider grasp of the genre's development--but if I should Anthologies like this will be "currently-reading" for quite a while because I read a story here, a story there--and "oops, a year gone already???

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Klein's "Black Man With a Horn" : I didn't purchase this book because I wanted to read Lovecraftian inspired stuff--in fact, it was more so I could get a wider grasp of the genre's development--but if I should nominate a short story involving HPL superbly without in any way mimicking either him or the "Cthulhu Mythos" this is it! I won't go into details, but the pun to the HPL phenomena incl. And the, hm, un-ending of the ending is wonderful. Later: Okay yarn.

The Year's Best Horror Stories: Series XIII

Not the worse, not the best. My main complaint, though, is that I don't find the "Elvis concert playlist" believable; not if you know how s Elvis arranged them--and since I got the impression that the impersonator in question is basing his show around that area's Elvis and not, say, they young one from the s that spoiled it for me.

Late April: "On Call" by Dennis Etchison: A very nice, little tale of growing horror through the optics of estrangement and paranoia caused by weird changes in the protagonist's life--really happening everywhere around him. And one wonders if not he's the real problem:- The advancing paranoia aspect with genuine horrific end notes, however, reaches a close-to-unparalleled sublimity in Ramsey Campbell's "The Gap".

So naturally, the show inspires participation. Just two sentences. But there really is an art form," Davila says. Step right up and try your hand at scaring people in two sentences. For inspiration, here are a few of the most evocative two-sentence stories from that original Reddit thread:.

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Nobody prepared him for the moments though, when he felt cold fingers brush across his phantom hand. Internet still not working. She doesn't. Now that I live alone, it is much more unsettling. And for more inspiration, tune in to the CW on August 8 at 9 p.

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